air conditioner maintenance

Comfort Maintenance Agreements (C.M.A)

One of the most important things home owners don’t do is maintain their Air Conditioners. The most important thing is using quality filters and here at Comfort Zone A/C we take filtration very serious. We custom build filter frames to fit your size needs and use pleated filters in all our maintenance contracts.

Preventive Maintenance can help prevent premature failures to your Air Conditioning system. When you keep the coils clean and treat your drain lines and pans, monitor refrigerant pressures and check for electrical control wear, you can save money and down time when you need your A/C the most.Inadequate maintenance will and can cause the system not to work properly, and can lead to compressor and motor failures.

The Following are the types of maintenance programs we perform. We can develop one to fit your specific needs. Just Ask

1)  Check and service: 1 time per year

2)  2 times a year maintenance contract

3)  4 times a year maintenance contract

4)   Monthly maintenance contracts

Our Services Include

  • Check coils and  clean condenser  inside and out
  • Check freon levels and recommend adjustments
  • Clean drain line and pans
  • Check controls and monitor voltage and amp draws
  • Check for proper safeties and test
  • Clean filters or make recommendations on proper filtration
  • Evaluate air flow and check duct work if accessible
  • Check and adjust thermostat to give optimum accuracy

Benefits to being a maintenance contract

  • Priority service on future service calls
  • If parts must be ordered to fix a problem, they will be expedited the fastest way
  • We will keep track of all appointments
  • Most of all you will be taking steps toward ensuring that your system works to its optimum performance and feel secure that if a failure occurs during the agreement period, you will receive quality and reliable service all of the time!